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Centre For Information Technology(CIT), MANUU

The ICT Vision
MANUU has envisioned to optimally integrate ICT in its Academic and Administrative activities with the objectives of improving quality of education & research, broaden the university's reach to even larger and needy sections of the society, exercise greater administrative control, enhance accountability, and transparency in the university's functioning.
ICT Mission:
To realize the above, MANUU has formulated the following mission statements:

  • To provide internet enabled computing facilities to faculty, students and staff of the university.
  • To build and maintain a state-of-the-art Campus-wide Network with adequate WiFi facilities.
  • To develop and manage an E-Governance (ERP) system that streamlines and automates the university's academic & administrative processes in innovative ways and support information requirement for effective decision making.
  • To leverage university's E-Governance System for undertaking specific data analytics for performance analysis and quality improvement.
  • To establish electronic links and web-conferencing system between MANUU Hyderabad and its Satellite/Regional Campuses/Sub-regional Centres located in different parts of the country for conducting remote meetings, for saving time and resources.
  • To setup Virtual Classrooms for Satellite Campus/Regional Centres/Sub-Regional Centres and students of Distance Education.
  • To promote MOOCs and provide congenial technical environment for their effective delivery to MANUU's students and faculty members.
  • To reduce consumption of papers by integrating E-Mail facilities with University's administrative & academic functioning.
  • To undertake scientific/custom software development for researchers and/or specific requirements of the university.
  • To develop and maintain a dynamic, multilingual, disabled-friendly and adaptive (Device Independent) university portal in three languages viz. Urdu, Hindi and English.
  • To establish Intranet Services for meeting local software and data requirements of the University users.
  • To develop and maintain a 24x7 IP-based surveillance system in MANUU Campuses.
  • To establish and maintain an IP-PBX System for voice communication.
  • To setup IT Helpdesk for University Users.
  • To frequently organize ICT capacity development programs for University faculty members, students and other staff.
  • To achieve the above Vision and Mission, MANUU has initiated refurbishing of its Centre for Information Technology to create a team of ICT Professionals organized in five Technical Groups as shown in the diagram given below:

CIT Structure

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